Charme et tranquillité

Rooms & Suite

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Chambre Marie-Antoinette

In the 17th wing, a romantic room with a Louis XVI fireplace with carved and gilded mantle and trumeau and an ancient oak floor. Chairs, desk, chairs and wardrobe style, double bed. 2 windows on...

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In the 17th wing, a suite comprising a large well-lit mansard room under a magnificent oak frame, antique floor tomettes, carpets, lounge area, round table, English wardrobe, double bed. Bright...

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In the tower at the top of the castle, a 2-room suite in duplex, with screw staircase in a turret. At the top large bedroom-room with panoramic view, double bed, lounge area, low buffets, round...

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Chambre familiale Cône d'Or

At the top of the castle, a very large family room with a magnificent 16th century oak frame, overlooking the countryside. Roundtable. Sitting area with sofa and armchairs. Libraries. A double...

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Appartement la Pinède

At the top of the castle, a 3 bedroom apartment under a light wood frame. Spacious living room with window in the countryside, seating area, round table, large buffet, kitchenette, light parquet...

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